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Arnold Corns (David Bowie) Hang On To Yourself 7" single Mooncrest MOON 25 DEMO COPY

You are viewing my rare 7" single on the MOONCREST Label by ARNOLD CORNS entitled, 'HANG ON TO YOURSELF'.

This disc is a rarely seen DEMO SINGLE.  The same track is on both sides of same disc.

Sorry, now sold.

More details

Arnold Corns was a band formed by David Bowie in 1971 and consisted of: David Bowie, Freddie Burretti, Mick Ronson, Mark Carr-Pritchard, Trevor Bolder and Mark Woodmansey.  The title of the band was inspired by Pink Floyds single, 'Arnold Lane'.

This disc is bright and glossy with no visible marks.

The same matrix number is stamped on both sides, MOON 25 A 1-U.