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Blossom Toes 'New Day' White label Demo Marmalade label *unreleased 7" single

You are viewing my extremely rare 7" single entitled, 'New Day' recorded by Psychedelia band 'BLOSSOM TOES' - this single was never released!  

This is a Marmalade recording that has the stamped matrix number of 598022 .

The 'B' side has the track entitled, 'LOVE BOMB'.

I grade this disc as EX to both sides.

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Blossom Toes were an English psychedelic band that performed between 1967 and 1969.  They were initially known as The Ingoes however they were renamed when they signed to the Marmalade label.

The original line-up comprised of Brian Godding (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Jim Cregan (guitar, vocals), Brian Belshaw (bass, vocals), and Kevin Westlake (drums).

The band's debut album entitled, ‘We Are Ever So Clean is a classic example of British psychedelia.  Although not a major commercial success, tracks such as "What On Earth" or "Look At Me, I'm You" have helped give the album something of a cult period status as it is unearthed by successive generations of 1960s retro fans. It was included in Record Collectors list of the "100 Greatest Psychedelic Records". 

The band quit in 1970, Belshaw and Godding rejoined Westlake in B.B. Blunder, Cregan formed the band ‘Stud’ with John Wilson and Charlie McCracken, before joining Family.

The single listed here was intended to be released as a single however it was decided at the last moment not to do so.  Only a handful of these test pressings were produced as the single was never put into full production.

The disc itself is in excellent condition to both sides and plays superbly.

The price quoted is considered to be commensurate with both the condition and rareity value. From the research I have conducted, no copies of this rare single have been sold for many years.